Radio – Part the Fourth!

The final season of the original run of The Wall of Sound is guided for you below:

RadioConsolePosterConcept1The albums on CD appearing above (left to right): The History of The Grateful Dead Part I: Bear’s Choice (1973) – choice recordings from 1970 collected by The Grateful Dead‘s original sound engineer (and LSD wizard) Owsley Stanley aka “Bear” (1935-2011), Mental Medicine (2006) by Sacramento-based Army of Trees and In the Land of the Dark, the Ship of the Sun Is Driven by THE GRATEFUL DEAD (1967) – The Grateful Dead‘s first Warner Bros. album.

Season 4 (2002) [6 episodes] #92-97

#92 (1) October 13, 2002 – The Season 4 premiere!

#93 (2) “Brent Mydland 2002” (October 20, 2002)

#94 (3) “Halloween 2002” (October 2002) – The third Halloween-themed episode.

#95 (4) “Bruce Hornsby 2000 and T.O.O.” (November 24, 2002)

#96 (5) “Christmas 2002” (December 22, 2002) – The third Christmas-themed episode.

#97 (6) “New Year’s Eve 2000 and T.O.O.” (December 29, 2002) – The Season 4 finale AND original series run finale!

Note: The third New Year’s Eve-themed episode.

Now, as time and space would have it, nearly 13 years have passed since the finale episode first hit the waves of air and inter-webbed nettage…

I do miss the freedom to share music that I enjoy with others…

…but, back then, at the end of 2002, other things got in the way of being able to do more… *meh*

Although I did record more a little over 200 hours worth of The Wall of Sound, the 100th regular episode, which was so near, was then denied me by fate and circumstance…