May the Force Be With You! (2019 special edition)

Star Wars (later subtitled as Episode IV: A New Hope for the 1981 re-release after the 1980 premiere (May 21, 1980) of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) premiered on Wednesday, May 25, 1977 (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi premiered on Wednesday, May 25, 1983). In 2007, the Los Angeles City Council chose May 25th for Star Wars Day for the 30th anniversary of George Lucas‘ galactic saga.

Meanwhile… May 25th became a busy day for fans of other noted sagas: Geek Pride Day was first officially celebrated in the U.S. on May 25, 2008 and Towel Day, which celebrates Douglas Adams‘ hilarious science-fiction franchise The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. (starting in 2001). Yet another May 25th-centered celebration concerns Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld franchise.

May the Fourth has also spun-off May the Fifth (although this is also already celebrated as an older holiday, Cinco de Mayo!) and May the Sixth – both riffing on the evil Darkside counterparts to the Good-aligned Jedi, the Sith… (I prefer a Sith holiday be designated for the Sixth… six / Sixth / Sith… as the Fifth of May is already taken!!)

Anyways… not long ago and not far away (from me at least)…

I was walking around in my sector of the Galaxy and happened upon this symbol…



“It – it can’t be… Not the symbol of the evil Galactic Empire…?!!?”

“I must investigate reports of possible Imperial activity in Downtown SacTown…”

“Hmmm… seems like a typical near-Summer day in Old Town SacTown… WAIT! Shhh!! It… can’t be…”

“Nooooo… Maybe it’s just a stylized solar panel array used by the local businesses…?!?”

“I better walk around and check this out…”

Okay, okay… rounding the corner… um… uuummm… UMMM… uh-oh…!!

“Oh no… oh no no no no no nooooo…”

“Now there can be no doubt… an Imperial T.I.E. Fighter is confirmed – the Empire is HERE!!!”

(Twin Ion Engines for the uninitiated)

“More evidence of Galactic presence here in the window…”

“Figurines representing both Imperial and Rebel forces…”

“Uh-oh: an Imperial Stormtrooper is standing guard…”

“Move along… move along…”

“While searching for allies, I came across Senator Leia Organa with a certain Astromech droid…”

The Princess of Alderaan took a moment for a photo op

to let the locals know that the evil Empire will be opposed…

“Soon, I took my leave of the Senator Princess and sought more allies…”

Nearby, I spotted a suspected smuggler and possible Rebel, one Han Solo

Reunited against the Empire: Han, Leia and… Chewie???

I went seeking Leia’s “Jedi friend” and met another Jedi Knight

standing unnoticed by Imperial forces near a most curious electronic entertainment unit…

She told me, that through the Force, she foresaw that

I was destined to find Luke Skywalker… from time to time…”

While I wandered in my quest and puzzling over the Jedi’s words, I found Skywalker,

whom I assume was using the Force to move about undetected…

He was… expecting me… Strangely, the Jedi Master seemed to be of another era than

Senator Leia Organa and space Captain Han Solo… I wonder if that had anything to do with

the blue box with the windows and the light fixture on top that I saw earlier before I met Leia… Hmmmm….

Skywalker had to meet with Rebel forces (and accept a costume prize)…

I took my leave of the Alliance and sought further allies against the Imperial intrusion…

As I puzzled over Skywalker‘s words that we’d meet again,

“In the past AND the future

(further wondering if that blue box that I saw earlier was somehow connected),

I discovered what I first thought was an antiquated droid,

but turned out to be an early recording playback device…

Not soon after, I happened upon… Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker…?!!?

The Jedi (AKA Odin of the awesomefuntastic webseries Odin Makes)

has returned by the look of his robes and with him, the mysterious Mara Jade!!

My mission complete at Stage Nine Entertainment, I trekked (heheh) across the street to

Evangeline’s Costume Mansion!

Evangeline's Costume Mansion - Costume Shop - Sacramento, California | Facebook - 83 Reviews - 303 Photos

Evangeline’s was part of the May the Fourth celebration (which, admittedly,

I was waaaaay late to, so I missed a lot – including, I heard… blue milk…)

By the time I got downtown, I didn’t see many Imperial forces,

the 501st must have been defeated by the Alliance,

(notice the Princes Leia costume a la A New Hope costume in the left window)

so I felt safe to check out the costumes and such…

Here I am checking out some hats of various sizes in the Steampunk room…

Yes, that is a Skywalker Ranch shirt…

Anyways, hopefully next time, I can make it Downtown

for a future May the Fourth… Check it out, it’s fun!

Oh yeah, May the Force be with you! On the fourth and always…